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Lost dog saved by Good Samaritan after being hit by car


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Casper went missing from his home last week, and it is only thanks to a good samaritan that he has made it back home alive.  Joshua Kroah was walking to work when he noticed blood on the ground.  He followed the trail to find Casper, injured and bleeding up against a fence just few feet away from heavy traffic, where he must have been hit by a car.  Kroah saved his life by calling Miami Dade Animal Services who came to get Casper and took him to safety.

Casper’s family had been searching for him, and then on Thursday night they got a surprising phone call.  “My aunt called last night saying that he was on the news,” said Jonathan Arriaza, “and my grandma called early in the morning to see if we could come get him today.”  Fortunately Casper was allowed to stay a couple of days longer than normal at the shelter in Medley, allowing time for his family to find him.

In an ironic twist, shelter staff who had no idea of the dogs name had been calling him “Ghost”.  He has been with the Arriaza family since he was a pup, and Jonathan had helped raise him.  “He means a lot to me, I raised him,” said Jonathan. “He was always crying to give him water and milk, so he means a lot to me.”

Kroah was appalled that someone had apparently hit the dog and left it behind, “To just know that you hit an animal and you left, it is just shocking,” he said.  Casper and his family are fortunate and very grateful that Kroah came along and found Casper before it was too late.  The dog is now sporting a cast on one leg, but the Arriaza family will take him to the vet to make sure his injuries are not worse than they appear.   It was a very happy reunion for everyone, especially Casper who seemed very relieved to be back with his people.