Persistence and creativity pays off for “G”

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A Washington family who’s dog went missing recently pulled out all the stops to get him back, and it paid off.  When their friendly pit bull “G” disappeared they did what every devastated pet owner would do, put up signs, searched, and hoped.  But the Bourdage’s also tried something new; they used a service to “robo-call” 1250 homes in the neighbourhood asking people to be on the lookout for their beloved dog.

Gina Bourdage paid $150 for the “Pet Amber Alert” service and said, “He’s our kid and we really want him back, we miss him a lot.”  Every listed number in the neighbourhood then got a call advising them to be on the lookout for G.  Some would call it ingenious and creative, but not everyone in the neighbourhood was impressed by their tenacity in finding their dog though.  “I think it’s a little preposterous that people can send something like that out for just a pet,” said Seth Von Wald, who lives nearby.

Others however didn’t mind so much, like Winnifred Thayer who said “People love their pets, they’re like children.  I guess whatever works for them, works. I just let it go to the machine.”  Bourdage said they get did a few angry calls, but it was worth it as they also got one tip that led to the area where G was eventually found. “We might have bothered a few people, which I didn’t intend. I wish we hadn’t but I’m really glad for the one person that did call and described our dog to a T,” said Bourdage.

Bourdage and her family are thrilled to have G safely back at home, and grateful to those who did listen to the alert and helped to bring him back to his family.


7 thoughts on “Persistence and creativity pays off for “G””

  1. I think Seth Von Wald is a jerk!

    If you have a lost dog you can robo call me anytime. I would happily pay for that call if it helps the owner find their dog.

    As for those who think it is “preposterous that people can send something like that out for just a pet” well, no worries when a call comes in that you were abducted, I will just ignore that call!

  2. I would welcome any Robo call for a lost animal. I didn’t know you could do this so it was very informative. so glad that baby is back home. I would not hesitate.

    • You are so right Becky! I am so glad to know about using this method.

      Frankly, Gina was brilliant to have used it. I will definitely remember this story when another pet in my neighborhood is missing.

      So glad “G” is home, thanks to his mom!

  3. Gina, you did the right thing. Those who complain about your robo-call are the same individuals who will sit mindlessly in front of the TV to listen to commercials about adult diapers, denture adhesives, and fast food
    fatburgers. You did what your heart and head told you was best for
    your family member. Good for you!

  4. I had no idea such a thing existed. It’s a great idea. I am so glad they G back. For people like that Seth Von Wald, go screw yourselves. You obviously don’t have a pet that you love. To think a 5 second interruption in your day is too much to ask, is just plain pathetic.

  5. This is an awesome idea, robocall! I hope that’s available in all areas. When I 1st rescued my baby, someone left the back gate open in my apartment complex and when I went to take the trash out he bolted and was gone. I ran after him but he was quick! I asked everyone I saw if they had seen him. I was devastated, after having him a little over a month I was beyond attached to him. I would have paid for the robocall service just for that added resource to finding him. Lucky for me and him he ran back home and when I came around the corner he was sitting on my front neighbors porch looking at me like “what took you so long mommy!” He’s a smart dog and remember the route we take for walks and what gate we come thru when we get home. I’m very lucky. For those that just can’t be bothered for 30 seconds out of your day, expect to be treated the same when it comes time that you need help from the community you live in. Treat others as you want to be treated! My dogs are my children, family all the way and I expect people to respect that. If you don’t than you have no place in my life!!!! Glad “G” is home with his loving family. Love happy endings. I’m an animal advocate and will help out any one and their animals. God Bless 🙂


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