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Lost Minnesota Dog Comes Home 8 Months Later

by Katherine

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Liz Klavetter from Sandstone, Minn., lost her pit bull-boxer mix named Avery on June 28, 2013. The pet owner posted fliers and looked for her dog for many weeks, but after not getting any leads she thought she would never see her beloved pet ever again. Eight months later, Klavetter was reunited with her pet all thanks to the microchip implanted in the dog.

Avery got lost after dinner time when somehow the canine escaped her back yard.

The Klavetters reunited with Avery.  Photo Credit: Liz Klavetter
The Klavetters reunited with Avery.
Photo Credit: Liz Klavetter

“We called the sheriff’s department and our vet clinic,” Klavetter told Monterrey Herald. “We posted fliers. We posted online. But, as time went by, we gave up hope that she’d come home.”

On March 17, 2014, Heather Brewer, a rescue dog advocate was reading a post on a closed Facebook group about a stray pit-bull dog sighting. Fearing the stray would just end up dead because of its breed, Brewer decided to do whatever she could to save the dog.

“I immediately asked, ‘Where is the dog?'” said Brewer, and after getting some information on the location, she drove 35 miles to rescue the pet.

Avery was in very good shape when found, she was wearing a collar, had her nails trimmed, and did not appear to have been homeless for too long. She was just hungry.

The Good Samaritan and pet rescuer drove the dog back home and checked the pet for a microchip, luckily the canine had one and Klavetter received a phone call she never expected.

“Our microchip company called us on Monday night and said that someone had found Avery,” said Klavetter. “When we got the call, both my husband and I were very hesitant to believe it was really Avery after the winter we’ve had and how long it’s been.”

But against all odds it was true. Avery had been found eight months after getting lost and just 18 miles away from her home.

That same night Brewer drove Avery to her rightful forever home.