A Sick Homeless Pit Bull is Rescued & Makes an Inspiring Transformation!

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The Bill Foundation’s Annie Hart rescued Gideon with help from Lisa Arturo, and wrote this introduction to her video of the sick and homeless dog’s rescue and rehabilitation at the Los Angeles area dog rescue’s Facebook page:

“This video is both heart wrenching and heartwarming, as we see the horrific conditions Gideon was living in, followed by the amazing transformation he makes. The end will make you cry HAPPY Tears for sure!

“Gideon was by far one of the sickest dogs any of us had ever seen! He suffered from, malnourishment and MULTIPLE bacterial and fungal infections. He had to remain quarantined in the hospital for SIX WEEKS while his body struggled to fight the infections, but through out it all his spirit began to blossom.”


Visit http://www.animalwellnessfoundation.org to apply to adopt Gideon
Visit http://www.billfoundation.org to see other amazing dogs available for adoption
The Bill Foundation on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/billfoundatio…
Video by Annie Hart, who gives special thanks to Lisa Arturo for joining her on this rescue.

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  1. These videos always make me cry. The fact that he ran to a house where people were feeding him was so amazing. Usually people are so mean to Pit Bulls and afraid of them. But seeing the cats around him the family knew he was a sweety pie and was hungry. Thank goodness he was rescued and cured. The Bill Foundation is absolutely amazing.


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