Lost Siberian Huskies Reunited with Owner

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Janice Tuetchidjian was walking her two pets the morning of Dec. 12, 2013, when she found two beautiful Siberian huskies roaming through yards near Austin and Bradley Street in Milwaukee, Wis. Tuetchidjian wasn’t able to keep the pets but she did erything in her power to reunite the dogs with their righteous owner.

Janice Tuetchidjian and the two Siberian Huskies she found and help reunited with their owner.
Janice Tuetchidjian and the two Siberian Huskies she found and help reunited with their owner.

As soon as Tuetchidjian found the pets she took them to a veterinarian clinic to get them scanned for a microchip. Unfortunately the pets did not have one, nor did they have collars with ID tags.

The Good Samaritan also checked with local police, but no one had reported two missing huskies.

“These dogs are obviously well cared for,” Tuetchidjian told Fox 6 News. “They are very lovable, very kind, and very well mannered. You can see it is somebody’s pet. With the cold weather I was very concerned about them.”

Both dogs were taken to Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission (MADACC) and Tuetchidjian hoped the dogs’ owner would soon claim them.

Well, the huskies did not have to stay long at MADACC because their owner claimed them the following day.

After seeing the Fox 6 News report that same day, the dogs’ owner contacted MADACC, identify his dogs and arrange to have them picked up the next day.

It is always wonderful news when pets are reunited with their loving owner.

Welcome home you two!


2 thoughts on “Lost Siberian Huskies Reunited with Owner”

  1. I’ve had Siberians, they’re notorious for taking “walkabouts” that can last a few days, as I lost mine both in northern Quebec, and again in Alberta for several days; once squeezing themselves out the tiny window in a truck canopy. They were found both times, quite happy, and together. Loved the dogs, but I switched to Standard Poodles as I want one that comes when I call.

    They won’t suffer from cold, ours slept outside in Labrador. As long as they’re well-fed and have grown a good coat, their coat is a double coat and they’re well equipped for sleeping outside in -40Centigrade, curled up with tail covering nose.

    The worst danger for them would have been getting hit by a car.

    Just a nitpick – it would be “rightful” owner, not righteous.


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