Trigger the Abused Dog Gets Adopted by Rescuer

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Neighbors Kevin Bonner and Helen McGarry found an injured Rottweiler mix dog on a road in Lower Swatara Township, Pa., on December 11, 2013. The dog had its throat slashed a multiple times and was left to die alone in the woods, but luckily for the pet, he was found in time and brought back to health.

McGarry was driving down the road when she spotted the injured pet on the side of the road.

Trigger recovering at Londonderry Animal Hospital in Middletown. Photo Credit: Dan Gleiter/PennLive
Trigger recovering at Londonderry Animal Hospital in Middletown. Photo Credit: Dan Gleiter/PennLive

“I could see blood on his throat, so I pulled up and turned around and came back and I called 911 and I sat there for a while,” McGarry told Penn Live “[The dog] approached the car, he let me pet him and then he laid down and tried to get under the car because it was so cold outside.”

Bonner saw his neighbor on the road tending to the injured pet and he too stopped to help the dog. He brought a blanket to help keep the dog warm.

While both neighbors waited for police officers to arrive on the scene, Bonner couldn’t understand how someone could do such a horrible act to a pet.

“He lifted his head up and a blood clot fell out of his neck and the blood started pouring out,” said Bonner. “I don’t know how to explain it, but I was committed at that point, I had to help that dog.”

Trigger. Photo Credit: Dan Gleiter/PennLive
Trigger. Photo Credit: Dan Gleiter/PennLive

The pet was rushed to Londonderry Animal Hospital in Middletown, and his previous owner was identified thanks to a Facebook post. Authorities had asked the public to help identify the dog and his abusers.

Trigger is the dog’s name, and he belonged to 31-year-old Joshua D. Boyanowski.

According to police, Boyanowski confessed to hiring 21-year-old Jeffrey S. Fletcher to kill his pet after Trigger bit Boyanowski’s daughter in the face. The incident occurred two nights before the murder-for-hire took place.

Fletcher picked up Trigger and took him into a wooded area where he slashed the dog’s neck three times. The criminal told police he had to slash the pet so many times because the dog kept on getting up and trying to bite him.

When officers told the animal abuser Trigger survived the attempted murder Fletcher said “No way!”

Boyanowski’s daughter required stitches to her facial injuries, but she is expected to recover.

Both men were charged with cruelty to animals and attempting to kill or maim a domestic pet. Additionally, Fletcher was charged with criminal trespass and possession of an instrument used in a crime.

Boyanowski was released on $10,000 unsecured bail. but Fletcher remains in Dauphin County Prison because his $10,000 bail has not been paid.

Jeffrey S. Fletcher (left) and Joshua D. Boyanowski. Photo Credit: Dan Gleiter/PennLive
Jeffrey S. Fletcher (left) and Joshua D. Boyanowski. Photo Credit: Dan Gleiter/PennLive


As for Trigger, he is recovering well an Bonner decided to adopt him. Bonner already owns two German shepherds, and if Trigger doesn’t get along with his pets McGarry is ready to welcome Trigger home.

“If [Bonner’s] dogs don’t like it, then [Trigger is] mine,” said McGarry. “He’s a wonderful dog, he melted my heart and he melted Kevin’s.”

Better days are ahead for Trigger. He will for sure be loved by both McGarry and Bonner.


9 thoughts on “Trigger the Abused Dog Gets Adopted by Rescuer”

  1. Unbelievable….Joshua could post on his FB page that Trigger was his ‘best friend’. Not sure how you could do this to your best friend. Happy that Trigger has now found his real, true, human friends. Stay strong Trigger, stay strong.

  2. People are idiots! It is your job as your pets guardian to not only teach your children to respect animals, but to also be vigilant when your pet and child interact. Dogs don’t just bite out of the blue! Whether you corner them, take a toy away, play with their food…. There are reasons! They should both be shot and left to die in the woods!

  3. So sad 🙁 I think I found the owner on facebook.. Not too sure. The dog looks like his … What loozers how can you even think of doing that to your dog or any dog infact!

    and what a physco does a job like that for a living?? Disgusting. THEY ARE NOT MEN IN MY EYES BUT LOW LIFE SCUM.

  4. Unbelievable! I don’t believe anything those idiots have to say about that dog! It’s a sad place when you have to get your throat cut 3 times so that the one who cared for you can feel less guilty about the situation they put their own child in. Who’s next? The child, ex girlfriend? Lock em up with some real dogs that bite, maybe then these guys will grow a pair and get a real life without ruining the lives of others! Pets=Love

  5. Sad ending.. The state deemed Trigger “dangerous” and he was euthanized last week at the local Humane Society 🙁


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