Loved Dog Gets Human-Like Funeral

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Brownie was adopted by Eusebio Carrasco four years ago and since then the dog had been his inseparable companion. Unfortunately, the beloved pet passed away over the weekend and Carrasco decided he would honor Brownie with funeral services just as if the dog was a person.

Carrasco is the owner of Ceiba Funeral Home in Ceiba, Puerto Rico, and it was there where he held the funeral service for his loved pet.

“I don’t know what happened. I said goodbye to him before going to church on Sunday, I told him ‘come give daddy a kiss,’ and [Brownie] licked my face. When I got back he was dead,” Carrasco told Primera Hora.

Brownie's funeral service Photo Credit: Primera Hora- El Nuevo Día- GDA
Brownie’s funeral service
Photo Credit: Primera Hora- El Nuevo Día- GDA


According to reports, Brownie died of natural causes, but nevertheless, Carrasco is distraught with the sudden loss of his best friend.

“My idea was to have him preserved and stuffed, but because he died on a Sunday I couldn’t make the necessary arrangements,” Carrasco said in between tears. “Instead, I decided to have a wake for him.”

The funeral service was just like any other service available to humans. During the wake, Brownie had an open casket ceremony where animal lovers and their pets, neighbors, and other curious individuals came to pay their respects, take pictures, and phone videos of the dog. Memorial cards were also distributed to attendees and Brownie’s body was buried in an improvised pet cemetery in the funeral home’s front yard.

The memorial card and tombstone have the following message:
“You were my crying shoulder during difficult moments. You wiped my tears away whenever I cried. You loved to play and your paw’s touch was always full of love. Because of these and many more reasons, you are, were, and always will be someone special to me.”

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Carrasco described Brownie as a jealous dog. The canine bit people in the past but with Carrasco the dog was always docile.

“He was my crying shoulder when my mom committed suicide this past September,” said Carrasco. “Whenever Brownie saw me crying he would come over and lick my nose. I’m really heart broken now. Brownie even slept on my bed.”

Because of Brownie’s funeral service other local animal lovers are interested in holding services for their own pets when these cross the rainbow bridge. Carrasco plans on creating special pet services that can cost from $1,500 to $2,000.

“A lot of people have requested this service and I think this is just what people need to pay respects to their pets,” said Carrasco. “I will build a special chapel and will order special caskets as well.”

Carrasco also plans on starting his own animal rescue and sanctuary for Ceiba’s abuse and abandoned pets.

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17 thoughts on “Loved Dog Gets Human-Like Funeral”

  1. God Bless you and your beloved child. I am the mother of 13 BEAUTIFUL and LOVING furry babies and I love them ALL. I understand your loss. Before the 13 there was 1 x 3. Each of those 3 opened my heart a little more until I could take all 13. God Bless!

    • You don’t know what love is till you get close to your dogs. You are missing out on a tremendous part of life. I feel sorry for you. Your biased and fixated. Others know better. Your out number 100 to 1.~~~~~~

  2. El Sr. Carrasco … Lo siento por su pérdida. El funeral fue una buena idea y creo que todas las mascotas deben tener esto o algo muy similar. Brownie tuvo la suerte de tener un bueno padre. Dios los bendiga y espero que encuentre la paz de saber que Brownie está jugar y esperando para ti en el puente del arco iris.

  3. This is insane. It’s just a dog for crying out loud. Dog owners sure get warped, they sure lose all sense of perspecitve. Is there a chemical in dog slobber that turns people into morons?

    • Jennifer….obviously you are not a dog lover or cat lover……and Yes , dog slobber makes one that way……and no a dog would never want to slobber you because to a dog, you are probably nonexistent……so to me ….you are also a nothing…….

    • YOU are insane and disrespectful! if you do not have anything nice to say then don’t say anything. You have to learn how to respect other people’s feelings…I hope you don’t get your heart broken and have people call you insane when you mourn…people like you are so disgusting!

    • Jennifer- it’s called empathy, you either have it or you don’t. And in my opinion- you don’t, which makes you subhuman.

    • Jennifer, I feel bad for you girl. If you don’t have anything positive to say, don’t say or write nothing at all.

  4. $1500-2000 for a pet funeral is a great price when you think that my pet insurance for the cats alone covers upto £2000 to deal with the death of a pet.


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