Loving Puppy Adopts Lamb Whose Mother Didn’t Want Her

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Stormy the lamb might not have had much of a chance in life – she was rejected by her mother right after birth.  Maybe her mother knew something no one else did – that this lamb was meant to grow up having a dog for a mom.  Because that’s exactly what she’s getting.


5.30.15 - Dog Adopts Lamb1


The wee lamb was born on May 17th at a farm near Winnipeg.  She was swiftly abandoned by her mom, but as good fortune would have it, as dog at the farm took a liking to her.


5.30.15 - Dog Adopts Lamb2


One-year-old golden retriever Tammy fell in love with Stormy and “adopted” her.


5.30.15 - Dog Adopts Lamb3


“I was outside working all day, and I’d turn around and they’d be (lying) under a tree sleeping, or just hanging out,” said Cathy Fleury, the girls’ mom.  “They actually crawled up on the porch once and they were sleeping up there.”


5.30.15 - Dog Adopts Lamb4


As they are completely inseparable, it has been decided that Stormy will live at the farm forever.