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Loyal Dog Found Sitting by Owner’s Body After Tornado


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When emergency workers in Amelia, Ohio discovered the body of Carol Forste on Friday, they say they found her faithful dog, still at her side.


Kush, Forste’s pit bull, somehow managed to survive the storm that killed his owner and best friend, and the vet treating him says the loss has crushed his spirit. He says one look into his eyes reveals shock and trauma from the incident.

“Kush would not leave her deceased body’s side…stood right next to her until they discovered her,” said Dr. Dan Meakin, Kush’s doctor.

Dr. Meakin explained that Carol’s death took a toll on Kush, and that for days, he refused food and water.

“Something like that really puts the fear into them, so it sometimes takes them a couple of days to they feel like eating again, but Kush is starting to take food with hand feeding,” Dr. Meakin explained.

The doctor originally thought that Kush would have to be put to sleep because of injuries he sustained, but plans have been made for surgery, and it appears that the long term prognosis is good.

“He’s ripped his ligaments which connects the lower bone the femur to the tibia and he’s broken it,” Dr. Meakin said.

In the meantime, the focus is on Kush’s emotional recovery, which D. Meakin said may take weeks.

“Kush is going to be fine, he’s probably going to mourn the loss of Carol for 30 days or so,” he said.