Loyal dog jumps into freezing water to save owner

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On Monday morning in Fife, Scotland a Japanese Akita jumped in the freezing water of the Methil Docks, after the dog’s owner allegedly attempted suicide. The loyal dog stayed by the man’s side until help arrived to rescue them both.

Fire crews were called to the docks just after 5am on Monday. The rescue was a massive operation including the fire brigade, police,ambulance and a specialist coastguard cliff rescue team. A water rescue team used a sled and ladder to pull the man and his dog out of the water.

According to firefighters the middle-aged man jumped into the freezing cold water and the Akita jumped in after him. The dog stayed by the man’s side until rescuers were able to pull them to safety.

The man was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment and the dog was returned to the man’s family safely.  A rescuer stated, “We don’t really know the circumstances surrounding this but we believe it was an attempted suicide – it looks like the dog tried to stop it.”

3 thoughts on “Loyal dog jumps into freezing water to save owner”

  1. This is an American Akita, quite a difference from the Akita Inu (formally Japanese Akita). All Akitas with a black face are American Akitas.

    This does not detract from an amazing story of loyalty, courage and love this dog showed to his owner. These are all trates Akita owners see everyday.

    • I didn’t know that about Akitas.; I just looked them up to see the difference. I wonder why the American ones have black faces.

  2. I’m pretty sure this is merely a Stock photo, as most of the photos they use are. Since they never give credit for the photo to anyone..


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