Loyal Dog Waits Two Weeks for Murdered Owner’s Return

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A German Shepherd from Houston had no idea why he hadn’t seen his owner for two weeks, yet he waited for his master and best friend outside their home. Did he do something wrong? Did his owner move and abandoned him? No. His owner, 54-year-old Hatem Abuharbid, was killed on February 7, 2016, when the convenience store he worked at was robbed. The dog had no idea he will never see his human again.

Loyal dog waiting for his owner.


Residents of the apartment complex had seen the loyal pet wandering the area and knew he was lost. Many tried to approach him but he was too skittish and always ran away.

According to ABC, neighbors left food and water easing the dog’s lonely days and nights.

“You could just tell that he was lost,” said neighbor Cassandra Eubanks. “He would follow the cars and when he would realize that it was not his owner’s car, he would just stand there and look helpless.”

A social media plea asked people to help. Animal lover Maranda Perez didn’t hesitate to do so.

Maranda Perez rescuing the dog.
Maranda Perez rescuing the dog.


“It just broke my heart to hear that the poor animal lost his owner, his best friend,” said Perez.

Armed with her own dog, an extra leash and treats, the kind woman headed to the apartment complex and tried to rescue the German Shepherd. It took about three hours but after the four-legged mourner climbed three flights of stairs, he finally surrendered to Perez and allowed her to leash him and take him home.

The woman offered to foster him for a week and luckily Abuharbid’s brother came forward to say he would adopt the dog and keep him in the family.

A happy ending to a loyal and deserving soul.

3 thoughts on “Loyal Dog Waits Two Weeks for Murdered Owner’s Return”

  1. What wonderful people that helped the lonely dog, This story touched my heart. I hope doggie has a great life.

  2. THANK YOU Maranda Perez! THANK YOU 1000 TIMES for having a heart. May God bless you many times over for your kindness. Very heartbreaking story. That photo of Maranda reaching out to him is heart wrenching. He looks soooo very sad, I can almost cry. Hopefully the dog is happy in his new home and I’m very glad to hear the man’s brother took the dog in.

  3. Many people don’t think animals have a heart or soul, and they don’t understand what’s going on. Our dog has separation anxiety and gets depressed whenever my husband leaves the house. When I tell her he’s playing golf she reacts differently than she does when I tell her he’ll be home tomorrow. She gets depressed and won’t eat her food until he comes home.
    This poor German Shepherd will miss his owner forever, but like humans he’ll be able to cope with time and love. My heart also breaks for his owner who had to lose his life after some criminal shot him. It’s all so very sad.
    May the owner be at peace knowing that his brother will take care of his dog.


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