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Luckiest Dog in the World Narrowly Escapes Death All Thanks to a One-in-a-Million Fluke

by Melanie

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The chances of a dog walking into the middle of an active race course and surviving are pretty slim, but it seems that one dog in Bolivia has a guardian angel.  He was trotting along a track when a racecar flew right over him, leaving him completely unscathed!

Fernando Zuasnabar was driving his Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution in the Codasur 2016 Rally in Santa Cruz when the pup unknowingly meandered right into the clutches of death.  Amazingly, there was a small incline just a few yards behind the dog, allowing Zuasnabar to get enough air to totally miss him.

Once the car flew over him, the dog took off down the road at a run.  You’ve got to wonder if he has any idea how fortunate he is to be alive!


8.31.16 - Luckiest Dog in the World Narrowly Escapes Death1