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Luigi, the Dog With His Very Own BMW!

by Fred

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4.18.16 - Luigi2

Luigi Maestro is a posh, New York City dog, and has his very own BMW!  Both motorized, and fitted to be run from a remote control.  He loves to go on pleasure cruises with his human, Anisha Lakhani, down Fifth Avenue.

4.18.16 - Luigi3

Whether he’s checking out what’s going on at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, or just hanging out and people watching, he always get a lot of attention.  It’s not hard to see why, wearing his little hat and striped shirt while relaxing in a doggy-sized BMW is not something one see every day.

4.18.16 - Luigi4

“I gave it to him for his fifth birthday,” said Lakhani.  She’s a former teacher, and the author of the novel “Schooled.”  “My little Luigi has always been an Upper East Side high-roller, and nothing could be more fitting for him than a Beemer.”

4.18.16 - Luigi5

We agree.  He looks downright adorable, and there’s no doubt about that.  Would you ever buy your dog a BMW?  Or is your pooch more of a Harley Davidson Dog?  Share your dog photos and stories with us on our Facebook page, or in the comment section below!

4.18.16 - Luigi6


4.18.16 - Luigi7


4.18.16 - LuigiFEAT