Man and His Dog On Their Way to the Record Books for Frisbee

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A Calgary, Alberta man and his dog are making the record books – again!

Rob McLeod and his pup, Davy Whippet have set a new quadruped world record in Denver, Colorado. McLeod threw a Frisbee 116.5 yards, which was caught by quick-footed Davy.

To put that distance into perspective, picture an NFL football field. Between the goal-lines, that’s about 100 yards.

McLeod and Davy first broke the world record at a competition in Houston. This year, the pair beat their original record by 15 yards at the 2012 Quadruped National competition.

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McLeod and Davy are the 2012 Quadruped National champions.

“I’ve been practicing throwing a lot since Houston to get longer and longer throws and I’ve been practicing at least twice a month with Davy to make sure that we were ready for Denver,” McLeod said in a release.

McLeod and Davy have travelled to Kansas City, Ontario and Edmonton, Alberta to impress crowds with their talents as well. The pair now have their hearts set on breaking the ultimate world record for longest throw and catch to a dog. The current record is 130 yards.

If McLeod and Davy can achieve their goal, they will be indicted into the Guinness record book.

McLeod and Davy plan to make their next world record attempt on August 25 at Queen Elizabeth High School in Calgary, Alberta.