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Police Canine Retires from Police Force After 8 Years of Service


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Ike and his handler, Officer Josh Marshall

After eight years of dedicated service to the Crystal Lake Police Department in Illinois, police canine Ike is off to a much deserved retirement. Ike, a German Shepherd, has served on the force since 2004.

Ike’s retirement comes after being diagnosed with hip problems. He plans to spend the rest of his dog days with his handler, Officer Josh Marshall, living a life of leisure.

During his time on the force, Ike was an important part of several investigations. Ike helped to find several lost children and adults. During a retirement reception for Ike, Chief David Linder explained how Ike had helped rescue three victims who were in deadly situations.

“Ike is a remarkable animal,” Linder said. “Canine officers can do so much more than we can. Ike is responsible for searching and locating several lost children and despondent adults. On three separate occasions, Ike located people quickly, preventing the situation from becoming fatal.”

Together, Marshall and Ike were successful in catching 110 criminals. Whether it be for local police departments or state and federal law enforcement agencies, such as the FBI, Marshall and Ike got the job done. Their list of accomplishments includes arrests of suspects charged with home invasion, burglary, armed robbery and homocide.

In addition, Ike also helped the Police Department seize over $32 000 in drug money. In one investigation, Ike had found $10 350 and 30 grams of cocaine hidden in a vehicle, after officers had completed their own search.

Other successful search missions completed by Ike include a mobile methamphetamine lab, several indoor marijuana growing operations as well as several hundred pounds of marijuana during traffic stops.

Linder also gave credit to Ike for helping reduce his officers injury rates.

“Occasionally, people don’t want to do what the police say, but remarkably enough, they didn’t want to argue with Ike,” Linder said. “So the fact that [Ike] was there prevented officers from getting hurt.”

As Ike sets off a new journey, the Crystal Lake Police Department awarded him a special thank you gift – a big basket of dog toys, what could be better!

Photo Credit: Crystal Lake-Cary Patch