Man Catches Dognapper in the Act

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12.7.13 - Man Catches Dognapper
Alaskan husky stock photo


A Florida man caught a neighbor trying to steal his daughter’s Alaskan husky in the act. It was not the first time the man tried to steal the dog, but hopefully now it will be his last.

“I caught him right in the act,” said David Cudney.

Lee county sheriff’s deputies say Cudney glimpsed 65-year-old David Motter trying to take his daughter’s husky from her yard on Thursday morning.

“I walked over to him and I said that is my daughter’s dog,” he explained.

He grabbed the dog from Motter and put him inside his car. But Motter was determined to have the husky.

“I threw the dog in the backseat and that’s when he started running towards me,” said Cudney. “He actually bent down like this and he was running like this. I told the cop it’s like he was bull charging me like a bull.”

Motter took off, but Cudney got inside his car and followed the would-be thief for 15 minutes, with police on his phone the entire time so they could track them.

Motter was arrested but later bonded out of jail. His charges include trespassing, grand theft and resisting an officer.

Crystal Cudney says the man lives right around the corner and has stolen her pets a number of times, but she was never able to catch him red-handed. She is hopeful now that his dognapping days are over.



4 thoughts on “Man Catches Dognapper in the Act”

  1. I cant help but to question why this man has been targeting this persons dog? (and other animals) over the course of the time.
    Did Motter think the dog was being abused/neglected? or did he truly just want the dog for himself.
    It just makes me wonder cause other pets from this property had been taken.
    Also where was the dog being kept that made it so easy for another person to come waltzing right up to the dog to try and coax it.
    Maybe the dog was kept on a property with dodgy fencing and he had gotten out and stayed out the frontyard of the house.

    I dont know what to make of it. If motter was doing it for the sake of stealing, good on the owner for catching him red handed. But if he wasnt doing it for the sake of stealing for his own benefit maybe it would be something to look into.
    How are so many pets being taken from this one property? One would think after the disappearance of your first pet that you wouldnt be keeping them unattended, especially after the disappearance of a second – well, at least *I* wouldnt, dont know about others.

  2. Does he have mental problems trying to take the dog with the owner knowing who he was. We had a younger lady here (customer of ours that stole a number of dogs and yes some from the same place) and she was cautious enough to borrow someone elses car to drive out to where she got the dog from. Do not know what she was doing with them- it this case I think it was chow puppies! Selling I suppose…….


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