Dog Finds & Saves the Life of Abandoned, Abused Puppy

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12.6.13 - Dog Finds Abused Dog1

While Nestor Salazar was out for a walk in an Oregon park one freezing cold night, his pit bull Goofy found a puppy at the bottom of a ditch on a creek bed. His legs were broken and his snout had been wired shut. But now the puppy has been given medical care and may soon be adopted by his heroes.

Nestor was walking Goofy in Gresham’s Kane Park on Wednesday night when his dog began dragging him off the trail.

He started to get a little more agitated, looking for something… I was surprised that he found him, and he deserves all the credit,” said Nestor.

Down a six-foot ditch was a three-to-four-month-old pit bull mix puppy, sitting in a large box next to what appeared to be sewage water. Temperatures had dropped to freezing, and the little dog might not have survived for long.

He was covered in feces and urine and a dirty, thin blanket that barely even covered him.”

His front legs had been broken at the elbows, and his muzzle was bound with a length of wire.

I realized that thing was on him pretty hard because it basically squeezed his mouth inward,” Nestor continued. “It was awful. No dog should ever have to be treated like that.”

He brought the puppy home, snipped the wire, bathed and fed him. His daughters made the little guy feel right at home. In the morning, Nestor took him to the Multnomah County Animal Shelter.

Staff brought him to a vet for surgery on his legs.

A difficult recovery if you’re a three-month-old puppy with two broken front legs,” said Mike Oswald, manager of the shelter. “This is a crime in Oregon, animal abuse.”

Investigators are open to the possibility that the puppy may be someone’s missed pet and ended up in the wrong hands. They are also searching for the person(s) responsible for his abuse. Another puppy was found with its muzzle rubber-banded shut in the same county just last week.

Police don’t believe the two cases are connected, but they are anxious to find the torturers and bring them to justice. Anyone with information on either case is asked to call officer Michelle Luckey at 503-988-6238 or officer Jenny Kimmons at 503-201-0067.

The second puppy, a Shih Tzu, was treated and adopted by one of the teen girls who found him.

If no one can offer proof of ownership of the puppy Nestor and Goofy found, Nestor is first on the adoption list.

As soon as he’s available, I’d like to turn it into a Cinderella story and keep him myself,” he said.




9 thoughts on “Dog Finds & Saves the Life of Abandoned, Abused Puppy”

  1. What a shame, it truly creeps me out my own species could do something like this. I am so disgusted that this story is actually true. I guess if I could be dog I would want to bite anything that resembled a human. But these brave victims forgive and forget so easily that they become mans best friend once again. How can we accept these animals to be victims of ourselves, and how can we allow it to be so easy to get away with. If you know anything about these beautiful survivors of neglect and abuse let someone, anyone know. Justice for these animals is the least we owe them. Pest=Love

  2. Well another disgusting story of the worst type of animal abuse. I will never understand why some truly evil vile piece of shit sorry excuse for a “human being” would commit such a heinous crime. Makes my skin crawl. I support tougher animal abuse laws. If they get caught and that’s a big of these types are caught its pretty much a slap on the wrist. Poor little guy makes me think of all the poor animals that face this type of death without ever being found

  3. Whoever did this..I hope you are found and that you get no jail time or fines. Instead I hope you get your mouth taped shut, hands and feet bound. I hope you get the absolute F**K beaten out of you. I hope you get drug across broken glass repeatedly. I hope you are covered in salt. I hope you are rinsed with vinegar. And finally, thrown into a holding tank of a sewage treatment facility to float. Keep your head up!

  4. <3 Goofy <3 You should get a MEDAL <3 cause you could HEAR the Puppy CRYING for help & Tracked where this SCUMBAG MONSTER walk & throw away this Beautiful Puppy!! :'( :'( I pray for the other PETS these Monsters have OMG!! :'( They need to be FOUND cause SOMEONE has to Know something about this puppy & needs to step up & tell the Investigators… Also i dought to owners will come back to claim him & that Nestor & Goofy will be the BEST New Forever Loving Home <3 & Too Goofy & Nestor you's ROCK!!! Sending you's <3 LOVE <3 from Welland, Ontario Canada

  5. How on earth can anyone harm this beautiful puppy or any animal for that matter??? Good grief just kill yourself if you are that miserable.

  6. Everyday I see an alarming increase in horrific animal cruelty. Any so called “human being” that commits this pathetic savageness is a weak piece of garbage that deserves to be tortured in the same fashion or worse and they better pray that they never meet me or the hundreds of other people that I know who feel the same.


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