Man Gets Animal Cruelty Charges After Daughter Films Him Scaring Dog with Fireworks

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A man in Fulton County, Georgia is being hit with animal cruelty charges and faces fines, jail time, and a potential ban on ever having animals in Fulton County again.  This is all stemming from the man’s daughter catching him on video, scaring his dog half to death using fireworks.

The man in the video is identified as William Scaffidi, and he can clearly be seen intending on using the fireworks to scare his husky.  He can be seen lighting a string of fireworks of some sort behind the dog.  When they go off, the dog runs around terrified, and someone can be heard laughing.

Fulton County Animal Services said that Scaffidi’s 13-year-old daughter took the video of her father scaring the dog, and then posted it to social media outlets all over the internet.  She also “tagged” her father in the video, which is a process that lets you type the name the person in the video online, and other people that know this person can also see it.

It didn’t take very long for people seeing the video online to get in contact with law enforcement.  According to animal services officials, the calls started coming at very early Wednesday morning, and continued throughout the batter part of the day.

“The floodgates opened, every other call that has come in today has been about this,” said Tim Poorman.  Poorman is the Field Services Director at Fulton County Animal Services.  “We have had calls from all over the country, from Canada and Mexico.”

Scaffidi now faces charges of animal cruelty and failure to have a license to own a pet in Fulton County.  When confronted with the charges, Scaffidi allegedly told Poorman that he thought “the prank would be funny,” and that he didn’t think that the dog would be that scared by it.  Poorman issued the citations, but unfortunately he could not take the dog from the home.

“The dog was in good health, had all the provisions, dog house, water,” Poorman said

Scaffidi’s court date is set for the 26th of July in Fulton County Magistrate Court.  He can be fined up to $500, force Scaffidi to surrender the dog, and prevent him from ever having a pet in his possession in Fulton County ever again.  He could also spend up to six months in jail.






6 thoughts on “Man Gets Animal Cruelty Charges After Daughter Films Him Scaring Dog with Fireworks”

  1. qI saw this on the news lastnight & was outraged by this!
    This man is lying through his teeth when he said he didn’t know this dog was there!
    What an ASSHOLE. This dog will be scarred for the rest of it’s life. hearing noises & jumping like it did in the video?
    All for him & his daughter to get what, a laugh from it?
    How about animal cruelty? DICK.
    That poor baby needs to be taken away & given a chance to find a KIND, loving, forever home..

  2. Thank you so much to the County Animal Director for his position in regards to this deliberate act of animal cruelty !
    People like this needs to be put on jail because they are a real treat to animals and to the society !
    As the director said he should be banned from owning any animal and have his beautiful dog removed immediately from his home. If we can call that a home after all!
    The example that he sent to his daughter is outrageous !
    We all on this committee must demand that he get charged and spent a few months in jail to understand what he did .
    we are pleased that this occurred in a county who really cares about animals. May the result of this be an example to other places who should protect Animals and incriminate whoever does abuse them !
    Thank you once again Animal County Director for setting this awesome example !

  3. Human garbage. What a sad state of affairs where someone thinks this is funny.

    That father and daughter should be ashamed, but I know they aren’t. They will just say they are because they have been found out and everyone hates them.

    I hope people continue to hate them for the trash that they are.

  4. I can not tell you how much this video made me HATE both the Man & daughter!! (for me to even ponder hating someone is almost unheard of!) But this man reminded me of my childhood where the male siblings and my dad would just “tease & torture “all the animals that we owned. No matter how much I begged, pleaded, cried–they would just continue doing what they were doing–sometimes with more lengthy exposure to the cruelty of the animals. I’ve kept this knowledge inside of me for so long–when I saw this video-I had “flashbacks”, memories of seeing & hearing what happened in the past. IN MY BRUTALLY HONEST OPINION–Both the father & daughter need to spend time behind bars as well as a PERMANENT BAN from ever owning an animal PERIOD!!!!!! People like these two “idiots” do NOT have a CLUE!!! I will be most happy knowing that these morons or sorry state of the human race THEY represent WILL be TRIED and JAILED!!!! Also, a hefty fine, as well as a permanent ban. The dog is to be surrendered NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!

  5. Shot at a guy beating a dog. I missed but he quit kicking the dog. Took off running never saw him again. Wished i had better aim.


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