Man Has Saved Thousands of Dogs from High-Kill Shelters

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mahleGreg Mahle saves lives one road trip at a time. Over the past nine years he has helped to save tens of thousands of dogs by transporting them from high-kill shelters to loving homes.

Twice a month Mahle leaves his home in Ohio and road trips through the South rescuing animals from high-kill shelters. The animals he saves are then transported to New England where families are waiting to welcome the dogs into their homes.

The name of his transport service is Rescue Road Trips and with the help of many others Mahle has been able to save tens of thousands of dogs.  His route is well mapped out. On Tuesdays he leaves Ohio making his way through Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Texas, and Louisiana before heading back up along the east coast. All along the way rescuing dogs who without him would be facing death.

Along the way there are designated spots where volunteers meet up with him and his rig for “walk-potty-snack” breaks. During these visits all the dogs get walks, food and lots of love. The dogs are kept in crates in Mahle’s rig. Each one is secure and provided with water at all times. Mahle spends his night sleeping in the rig with all the rescued dogs.

“His heart is as big as a Volkswagen,” said volunteer Keith Remaly, who coordinates a group of volunteers for one of the designated pit stops in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Mahle spends his nights on the trip sleeping in the rig with the animals, but it is all worth it when he arrives to his final destinations in New England at the end of his week long trips. When he arrived in Putnam, Connecticut recently 50 people were waiting and they all burst into applause when he arrived.

“A few weeks ago these dogs were going to die,” said Mahle. “Now watch. The truck doors open, light pours in, and each one goes into the arms of a loving family. This is heaven.”

To find out more about Rescue Road Trips visit their website and Facebook page.

7 thoughts on “Man Has Saved Thousands of Dogs from High-Kill Shelters”

  1. God bless you Greg; wish there were many more people like you to help these poor, unfortunate animals. Kudos to his helpers along the way.

  2. U r truely an angel on earth! I truck with my husband if I ever c u out here id b glad to help w the potty breaks etc!

  3. Stumbled across this article while googling high kill shelters in the Southern States looking to adopt a new member of the family. I’m so glad I came across this acrticle/website. The hair stood up on my arms and I had chills. This quote
    “A few weeks ago these dogs were going to die,” said Mahle. “Now watch. The truck doors open, light pours in, and each one goes into the arms of a loving family. This is heaven.”
    is absolutely amazing.The truth behind it is so impactful.
    If you ever need help, another driver or a volunteer on the east coast ( I’m in NEPA) let me know. I can send you my contact information. I would LOVE to help in any way.
    Thank you, from all the second chances you made a reality.

  4. Thank you Greg for being such a true human being. There should be millions more like you and there wouldn’t be any more killings. Thanks to all of your people that help along the way and to all of the people who take all of those beautiful fur babies into there homes.God Bless everyone of you.

  5. I live in Thompson one town over from Putnam I am so Happy and amazed this one man and his followers do such a wonderful thing thank GOD FOR THEM AND HIM ESPESHALLY THANK U SIR AND ALL THE PPL W U. I just got done reading fido and discos letter about how the shelters worked but I didn’t understand how sad and a heart-wrenching it would be to hear from a dog’s side as I speak to you now and complete and utter teaes I understand I want them to know I understand I live with my parents of 35 years old we adopted two dogs from Arkansas 3 years ago although I want to adopt more they’re getting up in their age and wouldn’t be able to handle anymore but when I get on my own I plan on owning a couple and maybe fostering as well I just can’t let these shelters dude what they do to these dogs and cats I can’t my heart can’t let it happen I would love to join your team but I don’t have a car right now if I did I jump in it right this second and had to where you needed me to go but I don’t but I would love absolutely adore to be part of your team thank you for everything you do and all the hard work and energy it takes you are a godsend from the heavens for these dogs and cats thank you and God bless


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