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Rescue Dog Saves Owner from Fire


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Dallas News |

Allysia Birmbaum was in the shower when her neighbor’s house caught on fire. The fire quickly spread to Birmbaum’s home who only got out in time because of her dog who alerted her to the danger.

Birmbaum rescued her dog Zooey six years ago, what she now considers one of the best decisions of her life.

Zooey has always been a good dog, but in January Zooey became Birmbaum’s hero. Zooey has always been afraid of the shower, but when a fire quickly spread to their home Zooey faced her fear to save Birmbaum’s life.

“She was barking at this wall, shifting from foot to and foot, and I didn’t know what she was trying to tell me,” said Birmbaum. “She never comes in the bathroom, she’s afraid of the shower.”

Birmbaum mistook the small amount of smoke from the fire that had come into the bathroom as steam from her shower. When she got out of the shower she heard banging on her front door. Neighbors were yelling for her to get out.

Birmbaum quickly grabbed Zooey and headed for safety. The two got out just in time, the ceiling in the bathroom ended up collapsing in the fire.

“She saved my life,” said Birmbaum. “She’s the best dog ever!”