Man Has Spent four days in Georgia Searching for Best Friend

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7.22.14 - Man Has Spent four days in Georgia Searching for Best Friend1

Michael Buckley wasn’t planning on stopping in Atlanta, Georgia on his trip.  However, car troubles forced him to pull off there for repairs, and forced him to stay overnight.  After getting a new tire and a hotel room for the night, Michael found out his car was stolen, with his best friend Tazzie still inside.  At this point, he’s been in Atlanta for over four days now, and is not going anywhere without his best bud.

He and Tazzie had been on their way from their home in South Carolina, to Colorado.  After getting a flat going through Atlanta on the I-20 he was forced off the highway and had to get the tire fixed and an unscheduled hotel room for the evening.

Not being from the area, Michael had to stop to ask for directions back to the highway so he could get to the hotel he had book for the pair.  After getting out of the vehicle yet again for help, he came back only to find that it was being stolen, and so was Tazzie.

“I couldn’t believe it was happening.  I chased after it, I tripped and fell.  I must have looked like a fool but all I could think about was my dog,” said Michael.

7.22.14 - Man Has Spent four days in Georgia Searching for Best Friend3

The next day, Atlanta police located Michael’s car, but Tazzie was nowhere to be found.  A few other items were missing from the vehicle as well.  Michael couldn’t possibly care less about the car or the missing items, all he wants is his best friend back.

“The dog is all that mattered to me and that’s all I want back now,” Michael said.  “I’ll give them my car to get the dog back.  I just want my puppy back.  I love that thing.”

Now, Michael is not leaving the area without his dog, or at very least, some answers.  He’s been there over four days now still looking for Tazzie, but with no success yet.  So for now, Michael’s move to Colorado is on hold.

“You know, I don’t really want to leave Atlanta until I’ve exhausted every option finding this dog so I’m here a couple more days at least, hoping she turns up.”

16 thoughts on “Man Has Spent four days in Georgia Searching for Best Friend”

  1. Was the GPS locater on his cell phone activated if it had one? Certainly hope he finds his best friend! Good luck! Sharing with friends and family in the Atlanta area.

  2. That just made me cry. Tazzy looks like my Willow. I hope to God that the people that kidnapped her realize she is sweet and needs her father. Bulldogs are the most wonderful dogs, but are expensive and I hope to God they did not sell her. She is worth at least $3,500, but she is priceless to the owner. My husband and I are super careful with our bulldogs because we know their market value, but their value is beyond any amount of money to us. Good luck.

  3. what about the pings from the phone can they locate the phone through the phone server must be able to pin point the phone

  4. Todays teenagers, not all but so many with no values or morals. Hopefully they told a friend and that freind has some decency about them and they will tell what they did with the dog. But the sad fact is if they stole the vehicle, they either killed the dog or sold her to whoever. Sad story, even sadder that we live in a country where crime is so rampant.

  5. So very sorry Tazzie was taken with the car. I hope and pray he finds her. May be some good citizen will recognize her, and come forward. Someone needs to keep an eye on Craig’s List, local classified’s etc. More than likely the car thieves will try to sell her for whatever they can get out of her. I feel for this guy. My husband and I had to drop off a pup at the Atlanta airport, around this time last year. It was blistering hot, and our AC went out on our SUV. We got lost on the way, stopped for directions also, of which nobody could or would seem to give. Everyone we asked either shrugged us off or didn’t know anything. After riding around for what seemed like hours, we finally found what we were looking for, and was able to get the pup to the cargo area, where she needed to be. Atlanta can be a dangerous place, much like any other large, unfamiliar city. I was with my husband, and even with him by my side, I still felt very uncomfortable. We weren’t even in the heart of the city, as the airport is on the outskirts!


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