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A Sign Maker is Trying to help make the “Geist” Incident a Thing of the past

by Fred

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We have all heard of the incident in Salt Lake City, Utah involving an unlawful entry on to private made by police on the 18th of June, resulting in the shooting of Geist.  We’re also well familiar with the call for justice for Geist and his family.  This tragedy has become an inspiration to a man from West Valley City, Utah whom makes signs for a living.

He’s come up with a design to inform police that there is a dog or dogs on the premises, and the owner does not consent to searches of the property.  The sign instead informs law enforcement to contact animal control and the property owner before entering the area.

“I had an idea for a sign that would inform law enforcement that there was a dog there and just kind of keep everyone safe – the dog as well as the law enforcement,” said Chuck Roberts.

The sign also protects property owners as well.  The notice specifically reads: “Resident does not consent to searches and to contact local animal control in case of an emergency.”

“We wanted to make a sign that would make law enforcement aware of the fact that there is a dog on the premises without insinuating the dog is aggressive in anyway and also let them know that all they have to do is contact the resident and they can avoid a big can of worms,” said Roberts.

The big question is, will any of it stand up in court?  According to Salt Lake defense attorney Greg Skordas, not so much.

“The sign has little or no affect at all on law enforcement, I wouldn`t expect it to. If officers fee like a child is missing or a person health or safety or something like that they`re going to enter a house and they`re going to conduct a search if they have probable cause,” Skordas said.

Still, he believes that the sign is a good idea, and may actually be helpful in some cases.

“I would say if there is something positive about this sign it at least provides officers with notification that there is a dog on the premises officers are required to give notification when they`re coming in and now I suppose you have a sign and it’s visible you can then claim you knew there was a pet on the premises and you should have taken some steps yourselves,” Skordas said.

You can read our original coverage of Geist’s story by clicking here.  For more information on the sign, and for tips on protecting your furry family members, check out  Also, you can follow the road to justice for Geist by clicking here.

7.22.14 - A Sign Maker is Trying to help make the “Geist” Incident a Thing of the past