Man honored after risking his life to save his dog from a fire

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The Humane Society of Utah honored one Salt Lake City dog owner that risked his life to save his dog. When Tyler Broberg’s house was engulfed in flames he went in to the burning home to save his dog Cash, suffering severe burns in the process.

On December 22, 2012 a fire started in the Broberg’s kitchen and quickly spread throughout the house. Broberg and his wife got out of the home safely and made sure neighbors were safe.  Knowing his dog Cash was still inside Broberg braved the burning home to save him. “When I went in, I went in on my hands and knees because my house was a complete fireball,” said Broberg. Cash and Broberg made it out of the home alive. Cash was uninjured, but Broberg sustained third-degree burns over 30 percent of his body while shielding Cash from the flames.

Broberg has been recovering from his burns at a new apartment and won’t be able to return to work for a few months. The bright spot is that he has his best friend by his side while he recovers. Broberg says he would without a doubt crawl into a burning building again to save Cash. “My dog is my baby, he’s my kid, so there was no second guessing.”

The Humane Society of Utah is recognizing Broberg from his heroism with The Humane Hero award, the organization’s highest honor. “We hope this will be an example to other people who realize how important a role animals play in our lives.” The Humane Society also awarded Broberg a check for $1,000 to help him with his medical expenses. Broberg appreciates the honor from the humane society, but even without the award he’d do it all over again to save his best friend.

IF you wish to help Broberg with his medical bills two funds have been set up. Donations may be made to either the Tyke & Ashley Fund at Wells Fargo, the account ending with #1596, or to an account in Tyler Broberg’s name at Mount America Credit Union, the account ending with #6637.

3 thoughts on “Man honored after risking his life to save his dog from a fire”

  1. Amanda Johnson I also know fire fighters and all of them would try and save a cherished pet. They understand that a pet means just as much as child to people because they are considered family. As for your family of fire fighters that feel differently, (thank God they aren’t assigned to my neighbor hood district) they should have chosen a different career. Being a fire fighter isn’t a job for just anyone. It takes a whole lot of Bravery and physical skill, Brains, compassion and empathy. They know the risks of such a dangerous job but are willing to take that risk to save lives. That’s why they’re considered Heroes.
    That being said you should be praising this man like everyone else because he risked his own life, so a fire fighter didn’t have to.


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