Man puts dogs life at risk to avoid $60 surrender fee

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A man who wanted to surrender his dog but didn’t want to pay the $60 fee to do so, put his dog’s life at risk to get rid of him for free.  Last Wednesday the man walked into the Cumberland County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals shelter and said he wanted to leave his dog there.  He amiably went through the procedure with shelter staff, was provided with information, and asked to sign a release.  It was all going very well until the subject of the $60 fee came up. The fee covers the cost of a basic health exam, vaccinations, heartworm test, flea and tick prevention and to be offered for adoption, provided she was friendly and healthy.

The man claimed he needed to make phone call first, presumably to confirm that he was going ahead with the plan to leave the dog. He stepped outside to make the call, left the dog in the parking lot, unleashed, and drove away.  Luckily for the dog, a shelter staff member found her before she came to any harm but did not see the car that left her.  The hard part was catching her, she was scared and skittish and darted around the parking lot and out into traffic several times.

For over an over she was pursued by 6 staff members, but with no success.  They tried food, and toys, and gentle coaxing but nothing worked.  Finally another dog was brought out that was owned by one of the shelter staff.  Bev Graco, executive director of the shelter said “I went and got my own dog, Beans, out of my office (double-collared her for fear we’d have two dogs playing in the middle of Delsea Drive) and headed over to were the elusive pup was still running. By a stroke of luck, there was a fenced retention pond nearby and, after another 20 minutes, Beans was able to lure her into the fence.”.

The dog has been named “Runaway Sue” and is a young Kelpie mix; she’s about 8 to 12 months old with distinctive markings and beautiful bicolored eyes. She is described as a shy, reserved little girl who probably has suffered a lonely start to life.  She is looking for her forever home and anyone interested can get information on the Facebook page.

8 thoughts on “Man puts dogs life at risk to avoid $60 surrender fee”

  1. I don’t get it. If this jackass did all the paperwork and everything, then why aren’t they chasing this guy down and charging him with something? Endangerment, recklessness, stupidity, something?!? I understand the need to charge a surrender fee, but what if they don’t have it but it is in the best interest of the dog to be surrendered. Who makes that call? There has to be a solution here.

  2. I’m sorry but $60 is too expensive for many people, me included. I can appreciate that animal shelters need the funds to care for the dogs until they are adopted, however the payment structure needs to be revised especially in light of the still horrible job market (I’m out of work one year with no prospects in sight). Might I suggest these places consider either splitting the fee 50/50 between the original owner and new one, or offering more affordable surrender arrangements on a case by case basis. Just saying.

    • If he did not have the $60, he should have taken one of the workers aside and told them his situation. He went out to supposedly make a phone call, left the dog unattended and loose, and drove off. I understand your situation but we truly don’t know his situation. All of this financial hardship talk is just speculation. Maybe he just tired of the responsibility of taking care of this dog and did not want to pay the $60. We don’t really know as he never told the shelter — he just left.

  3. If we’re free, animals’d be delivered in hourds, snatched by anyone w/a beef with others (how many divorces get butt – ugly over a pet).

    If refunded: they’d be just another (Sad), easily target for theft & hawk for rock.

    However, making a person pay a pittance as to what He’d have paid over the lifetime of an animal HE LIKELY COMMITTED TO… I’m just seeing as that barely reasonable. Further, that measly $60 covers such a minute amount of that pets care… Provided he does NOT age there & be euthanized.

    Further, people willing to pay money on BOTH ENDS tend to better candidates, take better care of their animals & less likely for buying them for snacks for vick’s “4-legged kids”.

    Its a lil thing called CHARCTER!

    I’m just saying!

  4. This is a difficult issue. It is hard enough for some people to surrender a dog, but when they are asked to pay money they may not have what are they to do? Dump the dog on the highway? Give the dog away free? Much as I hate to say it, it is better for the dogs for there to be no fee to surrender a dog. Even if the dog dies at the shelter, what is worse being hit by a car, starving or sold to research or used as a bait dog? There needs to be a lot more work done on spay/neuter and helping people keep their dogs. Perhaps if this man had had a way to continue to feed the dog he could have kept her.

  5. Where I volunteer at here in Kansas City, the shelter only charges $35.00 surrender fee.

    Alot of people can’t afford that and those dogs usually wind up tied to the front door.

    This jerk should have done that instead of stting the dog loose.

  6. I’m sorry, I had to give up a beautiful weim mix pup last month here in Tulsa… City refused to even return calls regarding feral cats, no spay, no neuter, just shitting all over place…

    Lil red, (comet) Chow chow dachshund lab mix (I know right? Lol) is 5 & youngest kids pet, Spook (n’aala) black lab mixed (WITH A whole lot of aggressive overprotection for me & no more allowed out in gen pop than I)… As I’d rescued her outside a bar in Dallas… Traded a homeless guy a pack of smokes for a supposed 6wk ok THREE LB LAB… Yea.

    Anyway, cats whipped them all into frenzy, daily… Lil (80lb) weim n I got caught in middle 3x & finally my big SISTA came n pried my Moose outta my bloody scabbed arms and took her in… Never billed me…


    I loved my Moose! But shouldn’t have let either of us get “pirranna’d” due to cats…. But city said I had to “trap ’em” myself and literally “steal” em.

    Bites… I miss my moose (spent $500 to keep lil Houdini in)! Lol.

    Miss you B’ellaa girl!


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