Man Rescues Drowning Dog During Big Storm

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Wendell McClure is a resident of Bakersfield, California and an avid fisherman.  This past Thursday was like any other for him at the start, even if it was a bit rainy out that morning.  What was supposed to be a day of fishing, turned out to be a harrowing day of dog rescue, and now he’s considered a bit of a local hero.

While fishing on the day in question, McClure was fishing on a canal located about 20 miles west of Bakersfield.  He noticed that the weather was turning ugly.  He also noticed a golden retriever and a Yorkshire terrier running along the canal as well.

McKinley, the eight-month-old Yorkie toppled over into the canal.  The retriever continued to look for it’s comrade for a few minutes, giving McClure a landmark to use to find the little dog’s location.  McClure knew what had to be done.

“I got on the railing and tied the rope on my armpits and tied it to the railing,” said McClure.

It had become so dark out at that point, McClure needed to use the flash on his camera phone as a torch to help him see.  He managed to grab the dogs, get them out of the water, fighting with the extremely high winds brought by the storm the whole time.

McClure brought the dogs back to his vehicle, wrapped the dog in a blanket and turned on the heater in his vehicle.  The dog was saved.

McClure then left a note at a local housing project where he though the dog might have been living.  He left his number, and the very next day, the almost drowned dog was reunited with her family.