Man Reunited with Stolen Dog on His Birthday

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5.5.14 - Man Reunited with Stolen Dog on His Birthday1

A birthday wish came true for a man in Mid-Wilshire, Los Angeles when he was reunited with his dog, who was stolen along with his car on Friday night.

Scott Katz was at a jazz concert on Friday, and while off enjoying the music his vehicle was stolen.  To make matters worse, his rescued cattle dog Max had been in the car at the time, so he was stolen as well.

Katz went around town, putting up flyers and posting Max’s picture on various social media sites.  There was also a $500 reward offered.

Lucky for Max and Katz, strangers found the car and the dog in it in a parking lot near a dog adoption expo on Sunday.  One of them recognized him from the flyer she had.

“They said, ‘I think your car’s here and dog’s here, he looks fine,’” Katz said. “Today’s my birthday, so it just worked out perfectly.”

Max was found not far from where he and the car were taken – in the La Brea Tar Pits parking lot, only about 500 feet away.  The car was broken into and Max was freed.  He appeared to be completely unharmed, and was given water by a security guard who thought Max’s owner was coming back shortly.

It is Katz’s belief that his efforts on social media to publicize the theft of the car and dog is what truly helped Max get back to his loving home.

“Maybe the pressure of everyone knowing about it,” Katz said. “It’s pretty amazing, he’s doing fine.”








13 thoughts on “Man Reunited with Stolen Dog on His Birthday”

  1. Why the hell did he leave jhis dog in the car while he was at a concert in the first place? Sounds like whoever stole the car wanted to save the dog from cooking in the car.

    • thats the first thing i thought of as well.. this guy is a tool and this whole news story is stupid. he should be fined for leaving the dog in the car

  2. I also agree with the other post, why would you leave a dog in a car while you’re at a concert?!!! This guy should have been fined for pet neglect. Granted this story doesn’t say if the car windows were left down or not… still it doesn’t seem like the right thing to do.

  3. The dog was actually at the concert with his owner – it’s a weekly, early evening, courtyard event, that is pet friendly. They often go on the way back from his work. They were in car to go home around 8.30pm and owner realized he left his glasses so ran back to get them. The dog was already settled in the car, so he left him briefly. I know the situation otherwise, I’d completely agree. The car was parked on a busy main road, with people around so no matter how safe you think it is, you can’t leave anything your car that you care about! A split second decision, that went wrong. Fortunately it turned out ok.

    • That makes more sense. Thank you for giving the details of the incident. The writer of this article definitely needs to post a clarification. This guy is being vilified because a lazy journalist was too lazy to get/write the whole story

    • Maybe you could contact the author and ask that they edit this story? As a do owner I would hate to be on the receiving end of all these comments because some blogger posted an incomplete account of how the dog was stolen.

  4. Can this article be amended with the details in the above comment. It would help clear up a lot of confusion and help to redirect a lot of anger away from this poor man and his dog.


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