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Man Saves Dog from 14 Stories Fall

by Katherine

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Mordy, a five-year-old Bichon Frise from Portland, Ore., is alive today thanks to Ted Nelson. The dog fell from a 14th floor balcony on August 30, 2015, but instead of hitting the pavement, the pooch landed on Nelson’s arms. The hero man was at the right place at right time.

Nelson told KGW News he spotted the dog on the balcony and quickly rushed to help.


“I just looked out my window at my apartment at the apartment across the street. There was a dog that had ended up climbing through the railing on its balcony and it was perched on this little ledge,” said Nelson.

The man ran over to the building and placed himself under the balcony. When Mordy lost his footing, Nelson caught the dog and saved his life.

The dog landed hard on Nelson’s chest and then fell to the ground, but if it wasn’t for the man breaking the fall, Mordy would have not survived.

Right after the lucky break, Nelson took the pet to a veterinarian for a full checkup. Mordy suffered minor bruising and is expected to fully recover.

The dog was later reunited with his owners who weren’t home at the time of the accident. The pet owners are forever grateful that Nelson was there at right time to save their pet.