Man Saves Dog from Coyote Attack

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ottoWhen a North Carolina man found two coyotes ready to pounce on his dog, he didn’t have a lot of time to think. Gary Roberts acted fast and scared the coyotes away before they could harm his dog.

It was early Sunday morning when Roberts spotted the coyotes. His dog Otto was also out in the yard at the time.

“I thought they were dogs at first,” said Roberts. “But I got a good look at them. They were coyotes, and they were huge, and they were coming down the road towards my dog.”

The Coyotes had dropped their heads and were looking to attack Otto. Roberts quickly went into action and started yelling and trying to scare them away. One of the Coyotes backed down, but one kept coming for Otto.

“The other one started chasing my dog into the yard, and my dog came by me, and the coyotes started running toward me, and he got within about ten feet of me,” said Roberts.

Roberts continued to yell and try to scare the coyote away and protect Otto. Luckily the second coyote also backed down and both Roberts and Otto were safe.

Roberts is shaken up by the ordeal, as it’s rare to see a coyote where he lives. Roberts has lived in Bladen County, North Carolina for 63 years and he’s never seen one before.

“We were both shaken for a while after it happened because we’re not used to having any kind of animal like that coming into the yard in attack mode,” said Roberts.

Roberts wants to make others aware of the danger and make sure they keep close eyes on both their pets and children when they are out in the yard. He realizes that he is lucky the coyotes did back down.

2 thoughts on “Man Saves Dog from Coyote Attack”

  1. Coyotes see dogs not as prey but as competition. They are usually fairly easy to scare off, simply get a bigger dog; however, my experience has been that making yourself bigger and really hollering puts the fear in them too.

    Coyotes are rapidly losing their hunting grounds, but I like to have them around – they keep down the mouse and rat population and also take care of the squirrels. They do like rabbits and it’s good to keep the chickens in a pen with a secure fence. Oh yeah, they like cats too so probably ought to keep those indoors.

  2. Since they were not that afraid of him and were large, they were probably dog/coyote hybrids.

    Over population and hybridization are causing a lot of problems in many states. Some in Florida have weighed in at more than 100 pounds and pack like dogs and hunt like wolves.

    Where I live in SC, anyone who lives in the country and goes outside at night can hear them yip and howl often. One of my clients lost his large male JRT to a pack of coyotes several years ago. They were in his driveway. His small female ran back to the house. The male was protecting her and his territory. Humans have been stalked by some of these packs in South Carolina, as well as in Florida. When a small woman, a child, or an elderly person is brought down by one of these packs the wildlife officers will have to finally take action. Until then our pets are fair game.


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