Man Saves Shih Tzu from Coyote Attack

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In Seal Beach, Calif., a man risked his life to save a dog that had been snatched by a large coyote. The heroic man confronted the wild animal and saved the life of Sugar, a five-year-old Shih Tzu.


Jovanka Radivojevic and her dog named Sugar were home, but in an instant, the dog started barking at something and then ran out the door. A large coyote then came and grabbed the pet.

“I knew she was dead, when I saw her in [the coyote’s] mouth,” Radivojevic told Fox 11.

Joey witnessed the attack and didn’t think twice. He reacted and ran after the coyote.

“I could hear [Radivojevic] crying for the dog, and I see the dog being shook up and it was so sad,” said Joey. “I figured I could scare the coyote by chasing it.”

The heroic man ran as fast as he could and his brave action saved Sugar.

“Out of the corner of my eye I saw a man running as fast as 100 MPH as far as I’m concerned,” said Radivojevic. “When I saw Joey, I got some hope.”

Sugar the Shih Tzu suffered some cuts from the attack but she is expected to make a full recovery. The dog is alive today and it is all thanks to Joey.

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    • My dogs was on a leash and as we walked through a breezeway a large dog picked up my shit szu puppy. He shook him very hard in an attempt to kill him. He was literally screaming. The owner of the unleshed dog, stood frozen. Without a sconnds hesitation, I jumped in and pried the big dogs jaws apart.My little Oliver is my baby. I had “Mommy instincts. He was fine and though it was years ago he is still leary of breezeways.


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