Man Trains Dog to Be Unofficial Greeter at Local Store

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When Steve Moore adopted Jackson less than a month ago from a local shelter, Moore couldn’t believe nobody wanted him.  Jackson sat at the shelter for four months before Moore came around.  Now, less than a month into being with his new forever family, he’s already not only amazing his humans, but some of the locals as well.  Jackson has been trained to stay outside of a store and wait for Moore to return to get him back to the vehicle.  The best part is he will NOT leave with anyone but Moore.  What a good boy!

38 thoughts on “Man Trains Dog to Be Unofficial Greeter at Local Store”

  1. Great dog, great story, but I’m not sure I would trust that someone wouldn’t come up and bribe him with food and take him because he’s such a great dog.

  2. I will have to unfollow this website . For some reason it is the only website that I’m not able to play the videos, it is sooo slow that is imposible to enjoy it.


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