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Rupert the Fennec Fox Really Missed His Kitty

by Melanie

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Wolves and foxes, though they be wild, are definitely part of the whole dog family, so we occasionally like to bring you stories and videos about them.  This is a great video of a fennec fox named Rupert who has been reunited with his best buddy, a cat named William.  The insanely excited tail-wagging is a clear indicator that he’s a dog relative.  And that he really missed his kitty.





The video’s description says:

“At International Primate Rescue we have over 100 primates and now 2 fennec foxes. Rupert came to us at just 4 weeks old and is now fully introduced to Roxy, our older female fennec fox. This video shows him being reunited with his best friend William, one of our cats. They became good friends when we were hand-rearing Rupert, and it’s wonderful to see how excited Rupert is at seeing his friend again.”