Man Tries to Track Down People Spray-Painting his Dog

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9.23.14 - Man Tries to Track Down People Spray3

Jay Filter is Balto’s human dad, and is trying to track down the person or people responsible for spray-painting him when Balto decided to take a wander about the neighborhood.

This has happened to Balto not once, but twice now, and Filter is tired of it.  Sometimes Balto escapes the backyard of his home in Weare, New Hampshire.

“He does well in the neighborhood,” said Filter.  “This is a dog neighborhood.  Most people in the neighborhood have dogs.”

Even Balto’s neighbors are coming to his side in the matter.  Christine Lover said she has never seen Balto do anything bad.

“He doesn’t do anything destructive to anybody or anybody’s property,” said Lover.  “My three dogs will run out there and just go after him, and he just sits there calm as a cucumber.”

Apparently, Balto has found someone that is definitely not a dog lover.  This first happened to him last spring.  He came home with a pink tail, and later returned again with more paint on him.  This time with a green streak up his back.

9.23.14 - Man Tries to Track Down People Spray2

At first, Filter didn’t contact authorities.  However, now that this has happened again, Filter has had enough, and is out to find out who is doing this to Balto.  He has contacted authorities, and is actively searching for answers.  He knows that there is a leash law in Weare, and understands that he and Balto are sometimes in violation of it.

“I just don’t want anybody doing it to the dog anymore,” Filter said.  “If they have a problem with me or my dog being loose, call the authorities, call me, call animal patrol.  It’s not something you do to a poor dog.”

Police advise that if the person doing this to Balto is caught, they may face animal cruelty charges.

“Huskies have three coats of fur on them, and that helps them out with their body temperature, so if you start coating that with something it becomes a problem,” said Filter.  “If it was in the summer, it probably seriously would be a problem.”

Police are asking anyone with information to please come forward.

9.23.14 - Man Tries to Track Down People Spray


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  1. Dogs get out sometimes, and we hope they make it back safely. But all the more reason reinforce your yard so it doesn’t happen again. Some people, are afraid of, or don’t like dogs. They might not appreciate a large dog coming on their property. It sucks that he has such a screwed up neighbor tho.

  2. whoever did this is an asshole but the owner is also to blame. why is your dog just roaming around? not only is it illegal and inconsiderate for whoever yard he is crapping in, but its unsafe for the dog. be a responsible pet owner and this wouldnt have happened(not that it excuses the action mind you).

  3. The owner says its not the first time?! So knowing someone in the neighborhood may not be happy with his dog roaming and paints the dog to send a msg and he allows the dog out AGAIN unattended should share jail space for neglect alongside of the scumbag abuser!!! The dog could have been shot at, given anti-freeze, who knows what a crazy neighbor is capable of! Its your duty as the pet owner to protect the safety of your pet!

  4. Doesn’t matter that it’s a dog friendly neighborhood, there are lots of cruel people out there just waiting for an opportunity to do something like this. It could have been worse. Time to keep him home or walk him safely on a leash.


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