Abused Pit bull Cheats Death, Meets Autistic Boy and Then the Unexpected Happens

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Many people fear Pit bulls and want nothing to do with them, but for Johnny, an autistic boy, meeting a Pit bull mix named Xena the Warrior Puppy was just what he needed to make his life turn around in an unexpected way. Watch this video and see how Xena helps Johnny open up to the world.

82 thoughts on “Abused Pit bull Cheats Death, Meets Autistic Boy and Then the Unexpected Happens”

  1. This story makes me happy. Im so sick of people typecasting the Bully breeds. Hell my freaking ankle biters, Boxer, and Rott/Shepard mix are more dangerous than the majority of the Pitts or other Bullies ive ever met. I even work in the ghetto and have met some real sweet <3ed Pitts (that is pretty much the only breed anyone there owns)that tried to kill me….WITH KISSES!!! Pitts are actually wonderful family dogs. Many people owned them ,way back in the day, as companion animals, not fighters. The dogs were there as comforters when someone in the family was having a rough day. And many times would be seen cuddling and sleeping soundly with the children. Read up people. These dogs are FAR from dangerous. It's us humans who ruin their innocence

  2. Maybe I’m biased because of my boy, Ozzy. But I just don’t see what’s so scary about pitties. They are incredible!

  3. Great dogs, much aligned by stupid people who refuse to educate themselves. But then, that can be said about a lot of things, right?


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