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Mason on the Mend


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Two weeks after making a miraculous, painful journey home, a famous tornado survivor grows stronger.

2 plates and seventeen screws were required to put Mason’s badly broken legs back together. The stoic dog made an arduous cross-country trip to find his way home after being blown away by a tornado April 27th.

To see him when he first returned, his front legs flopping from distal radial ulnar fractures, one would be hard pressed to believe that he would heal soon, but the prognosis is actually quite good: Mason will be released after just five weeks of rehab.

If you’re one of those who fretted the details in our first report, do not despair. Morgan’s family originally believed that they would be homeless when Mason was released and were prepared to relinquish him if it were in his best interest. In a turn of good fortune they’ve learned that their home will be livable soon, and they’ll be waiting with open arms when he’s ready to return.

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