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Max Was Gone A Year & Traveled 2,300 Miles…! A Microchip Is What Brought Him Home

by Amy Drew

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Janet Escarcega’s 9-month-old German shepherd, Max, went missing from her Tucson, AZ, home in September of 2016.

Weeks passed, searches were arduous, they worried he was gone forever.

“I can’t explain. I can’t explain. It was like a piece of me had gone missing,” Escarcega told News 4.

But several weeks ago, Escarcega got a phone call from 2,300 miles away.

Max’s microchip had been scanned in the small town of Livonia, NY.

Though bleary-eyed (it was just 6 a.m. in Arizona when the call came through), she was delighted.

“I mean, I just got up. I couldn’t believe it. I thought it was a dream,” she said.

Once proof of ownership had been established, Max was put on a plane for Arizona. He seemed to recognize his old family immediately.

“He was really my son Nathan’s dog and when he saw him, he went running up to him,” said Escarcega.

The question begs asking, though they’ll almost certainly never have the answer: How did he get all the way to New York!?

“If only dog’s could talk,” laughed Escarcega.