Star Dogs: Who Really Influences the Force?

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Alright, Star Wars and dog fans, here’s the ultimate way to get both! It seems to be a natural combination.  Seriously. Have you ever thought about how some of the characters may have been inspired by man’s best friend?

Check these comparisons out…


star wars chewbacca 2

star wars dog darth 1

star wars dog ewok

Sure, there are more examples, but folks are also showing the force is with their dogs through funny videos, be it a puppy playing with BB-8, Dachshunds re-enacting the famous light saber duel between Luke and Darth, or dogs singing the oh-so-well recognized tune that typically accompanies the bad guys.

There is certainly no lack of creativity, from dramatic interpretations to dress-up to the Humane Society angling to boost adoptions, as to the many ways that Star Wars continues to influence the dog world.  Or is it the other way around? It may be, could be, that only Yoda knows for sure.