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Maybe Someday There Will be a Silent Night for Fireworks

by Adrea

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Holidays can lead to stress for many, including dogs and cats, and with the Fourth of July, that can be compounded with the noise associated with fireworks.  However, that loud noise, the thunder, that has become part and parcel of display expectations, has seen some significant changes over the years.  Many companies are now offering low-noise varieties in an effort to reduce that aspect of the performance.  Essentially, it leaves you the beauty without the bang.

In Europe there is a quiet movement taking place and many celebrations are making those changes, a huge benefit to both pets and veterans who may also experience trauma from the noise.   There are companies, such as Setti Fireworks (Italy) and Fantastic Fireworks (UK), that will create these “silent displays,” but have available small consumer DIY packages available with some of same products featured.  Sadly, there aren’t many manufacturers in the US that are following suit, as yet, but it is well worth it to check with your local retailers to see if they have any such offerings.

Equally important to note is that firework use comes accompanied by many rules, restrictions, and regulations with regard to both the use and transportation of fireworks.  This includes it being illegal in some places to take across state, and sometimes within the same state county-to-county, lines.  As well, fireworks cannot be sent through the US Mail, UPS Ground, or Fed Ex Ground shipping, but there are legal methods available.  If that is the direction you would like to go, be certain to do your research thoroughly, whether considering a purchase from across the country, or importation from elsewhere.



There are some towns have chosen to move away from firework celebrations entirely, but primarily due the rising costs of the displays.  Perhaps there are other alternatives that can still light up the holiday night without the need for feeling you have to get “bang for your buck,” that is, literally, deafening. Hopefully more communities will begin to pay attention to the success of what is happening in Europe and make a move that will still have all the impact without giving everyone, particularly pets and veterans, an earful.