Mayor Sacrifices Himself to Save Dog from Train

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1.5.13 - Man Sacrifices Self to Save Dog4

Lou Terrell, a former mayor of Del Mar, California, tragically but heroically gave his life to save that of his dog’s, who had run into the path of an oncoming train while the pair were out on a walk.

Terrell, 75, was walking with his dog off-leash on a bluff near some tracks, as they had frequently done. An Amtrak train began heading their way, and the engineer blasted the horn to warn them away.

But the loud noise startled the dog, and instead of running away from the sound, he ran onto the tracks. Terrell rushed to get his dog out of harm’s way and was struck. He died on the scene.

1.5.13 - Man Sacrifices Self to Save Dog2

He’s done this probably a million times and for the train to come by like that it’s pretty tragic and we’re all kind of shocked because we’ve lived here for 20 years and never seen anything like this,” said Nick Ovanessoff, who lives nearby.

The dog was not injured, and was taken by a sheriff’s deputy to Terrell’s family.

Anyone with a dog would have done this and he tried to save his dog and it was just something that had gone terribly wrong,” witness Jeff Jonas concluded.




8 thoughts on “Mayor Sacrifices Himself to Save Dog from Train”

  1. Praying for his poor dog and family who will miss him so much. I will never understand why people choose to let their beloved pets off-leash. Tragic, but even more sad because it was completely avoidable.

    • Um ? I certainly wouldn’t like to like my life at the end of a rope/chain. Would you ?

      Some of us have well behaved dogs that do not wonder or roam far from us when we are out walking in safe area’s.

      This guy tried his best, and he saved his beloved dog, but he should probably have not been walking along an actively used train track with his dog of leash, to begin with.

      • The point is, he was *not* in a safe area. Trains might not come along very often, but by now everyone knows that they aren’t as noisy as they used to be, so they can sneak up on you. The dog should have been on a leash near the tracks.

  2. Anonymous, thanks for stating the obvious but for future reference just shut up. A man lost his life for the love of his dog, have some tact and compassion.


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