Meat laced with strychnine poisons three Omaha dogs, killing two

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Vicki Wagner’s two dogs Peanut, a Chihuahua, and Bella, a Pug-Beagle mix, were poisoned with meat laced with strychnine last November while they were out in their fenced yard in Omaha Nebraska. Earlier this month, Murphy, another small dog who was visiting the Wagner’s home was poisoned too. Luckily, Murphy survived the incident.

“Murphy was shaking real badly,” said Wagner. Remembering what happened to her own two dogs months before, Wagner advised Murphy’s owner to take him to the vet as soon as possible.

The Wagners have lived in the neighborhood for over ten years and don’t believe to have any enemies among their neighbors.

“I don’t know all my neighbors, but the few I know are just very nice people,” said Wagner. “I don’t know whether someone is targeting us.”

The Wagners and the Nebraska Human Society want to put and end to this. They want to know who is poisoning the dogs.

“I just want to find out whoever is doing it. It’s just not right,” continued Wagner. “You’re a sick individual if you are going to poison poor defenseless animals like that.”

According to Mark Langan of the Nebraska Humane Society, the society will push to prosecute those found guilty.

“Whoever is doing this, it might not be a big thing in their mind,” said Langan. “But if we find them, we will push for a felony prosecution.”

The Nebraska Human Society is offering a $2,5000 reward for information leading to an arrest. If you have any information please call (402) 444-7800, ext 1.

9 thoughts on “Meat laced with strychnine poisons three Omaha dogs, killing two”

  1. if its not something in the yard like others are saying it just might be a very hateful neighbour. I’ve dealt with them myself having 2 dogs looking almost identical to the ones that were killed…i have a puggle and a pomeranian. my neighbour would always be trying to get me evicted over the littlest bark…even if my dog just let out one bark passing them in the hall theyd say something nasty. they had no grounds to do anything because my dogs never were left barking but just when ppl were making noise in the hall or knocking on the door basically. some ppl are just evil bitter ppl and would do whatever they can so u never know..unless its a poisonous plant i can’t see them getting into a dead rat like the other poster thought so long afterwards

    • Jane, I know what you mean. I had a neighbor that would stand on the property line between our houses and get my dogs barking ten he would call the animal control officer. When the officer would come to my house I would tell him what the neighbor was doing and he would just shrug. It was a “good ole boy” town and I was the outsider. Then my neighbor was dumb enough to trespass after a fresh layer of snow fell. I had his footprints as proof. Once again the officer shrugged. I then brought the officer next door and, in front of him, I told my neighbor that if I caught him on my property, and due to the lack of the police upholding the law, that I would let Mr. Barnett do my talking. Barnett is a crossbow manufacturer. The officer knew that and asked f that was a threat. I assured him that it was a promise. He never trespassed again. I also made the officer aware that my lawyer was fully aware of the police department’s inaction.


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