Community Rallies Around Injured Fighting Dog

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A community in Massachusetts has banded together to help an abandoned dog that is believed to have been used as a fighting dog.  Money has been pouring in for his treatment and to find out who abused him.

A passerby noticed the dog lying in a field and called Mayor Dean Mazzarella’s office.  Because the city of Leominster does not have an animal control officer, health inspector Chris Knuth was alerted.

“I was pretty cautious coming up to him because I didn’t know what I was going to encounter,” he said.  “He had lost a lot of blood.  His right shoulder was damaged pretty severely.”

He originally thought the young, underweight dog had been struck by a car, but then noticed the telltale crisscross scarring commonly seen on dogs who have been used to fight.  Tom Valentine, an employee working nearby, brought a bowl of water, which the dog rapaciously gulped down.  Knuth called the Fitchburg Police Department’s Animal Control Officer Susan Kowalski, and together they picked the dog up using a blanket as a stretcher.

“He didn’t do anything.  He didn’t growl,” Knuth said.

The pit bull was likely used as a bait dog; his upper canine teeth are missing.  Others are wiggly, and will need to be removed before abscesses have a chance to form.

As the unnamed dog is healing, community members have flocked to help him.  According to Mayor Mazzarella, two brothers are each donating $1,000, which will be added to the CrimeStoppers reward.

“They are committed to finding who did this,” the mayor said.

Others have contributed for his medical needs.  He is currently on antibiotics, and according to staff at the Wachusett Animal Hospital, he is “doing quite well.”

Knuth hopes that a home will be found for the poor guy, but he may need some quarantine time and training.  He is not people-aggressive, but right now is dog-aggressive, which is hardly surprising, given his history.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Mayor Mazzarella’s office at 978-534-7500, or visit




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  1. God bless the citizens of Leominster, Mass and anyone else for helping this abused but beautiful dog! You restore my faith!!!! Courage is an Angel. Courage is an Angel that makes the difference beTween a good life and a great life!!!!


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