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Meet Britain’s Smallest and Cutest Fur Ball

by Katherine

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Measuring only 4 inches tall and weighing 13 oz, Tyson is Britain’s smallest dog. The Chihuahua and Ihasa mix dog is only five months old and his tiny proportion might fool many yet this little dog is a fur ball full of energy.


When born, the miniature dog was the runt of the litter. His siblings picked on him constantly and he had a difficult time getting his mom’s attention. Rosemarie McLinden saw Tyson and decided to help him. She pulled him from the litter, fed him by hand, and helped him thrive.

“We had to take him from the litter,” McLinded told the Daily Mail. “[His siblings] think of him as a squeaky toy. [Tyson] is so delicate he doesn’t run around as much as other puppies but he still does like to give a chew toy a good bashing.”


Tyson is so small he needs a special harness. The smallest dog collar is too big for him and his owners take him out on walks using a ferret harness.

He might not be the smallest dog in the world but if recognized by Guinness World Records, he could be the smallest dog in England. The world’s smallest dog, is Miracle Milly, a Chihuahua from Puerto Rico weighing just 1 pound and measuring 3.8 in tall.