Meet Lemon, the Farming Dog

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We all know service dogs can perform extraordinary tasks such as, turning on and off lights, opening doors, picking up things from the floor, and guiding the visually impaired on the streets, but have you ever heard of a dog that can help tend a farm?

Meet Lemon, a Riesenschnauzer from the city of Tara in Omsk Oblast. This dog helps his 47-year-old owner, Alexander Matitsyn, with the daily tasks of the farm.

Lemon filling buckets with water. Photo Credit: CEN
Lemon filling buckets with water. Photo Credit: CEN


According to Metro, Matitsyn served as an army dog trainer for the Russian Army and once he retired, he moved to the countryside with his dog.

“I made him carry the bucket to get water from the yard because we aren’t on a mainswater supply here, and before long [Lemon] was carrying the bucket himself, hooking it on the pump and then standing on the lever so that the water comes out and then bringing the bucket back without spilling it,” said Matitsyn.

Lemon seems to be a natural farmer. Not only can this wonder dog pump and carry buckets of water, but he can also plow a straight line.

Lemon plows the land. Photo Credit: CEN
Lemon plows the land. Photo Credit: CEN


Matitsyn is one lucky farmer to have four furry legs as his helping hands.

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  1. I know a little corgi that tends a farm but that’s more of a snoopervisory position, not the manual labor. This is impressive.


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