Dog Branded With Profane Word Will Soon Get Plastic Surgery

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At the end of August, a Pit bull mix from Lexinton, Ky., was found tied to a fence on Campbell St. What was shocking about the abandoned dog wasn’t how she was left tied to the fence, but rather the abuse she was put through prior to getting dumped. The eight-month-old dog had a profane word branded on her fur.


Authorities believe the dog, now named Felicity, was chemically branded. Her abusers probably used a harsh chemical like bleach or Draino to mark the sweet pup. This process didn’t happen over night, it took weeks, and once the animal abusers were done torturing the dog, they simply left her to her own fate on that fence.

The Lexington Humane Society (LHS) is caring for the dog and authorities are investigating the case. They hope someone with information about the abuse will come forward and Felicity’s abusers will pay for what they have done.

The community has come together to offer the dog a new life.

“Felicity is loving all of the attention she is receiving. The staff is fostering her and providing her the love, attention, and training she so deserves,” posted LHS on their website.

Thanks to generous animal lovers, Felicity will soon get plastic surgery to erase the profanity from her skin. After she heals she will be made available for adoption. Her rescuer expect her to move into a loving forever home in October.

A reward of $3,500 is being offered for information leading to an arrest. If you have any information about the case, you should call Lexington-Fayette Animal Care and Control at (859) 255-9033, ext. 229.

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  1. It’s a no wonder these dogs rip their owners faces off. Owner should be branded and then have his rear end handed to him.

    • @Leslie, these dogs as you put it DO NOT RIP THEIR OWNERS FACE OFF…what a stupid and ignorant first part of your comment.

      • @MsPhillyG its really not that stupid of a comment. If the dog has an ABUSIVE owner which this one did have, wouldn’t it be OK for the dog to fight back? What she’s saying is IF the owners face gets ripped off, the reason is the dog is TIRED of the ABUSE it’s getting and is NOW fighting back. Made sense to me.


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