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Meet Minnie, the Adorable Doberman With Energy That Just Won’t Quit

by Fred

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Meet Minnie.  She’s an exceptionally high-energy dog, and is looking for a forever family to love until her very last moments.  Unfortunately, the people at Rover Rescue have had issues finding a suitable home, and it’s really sad because she is such a sweet and loving dog.  She’s been with them for so long, and if they had just one wish for Christmas, it would be to FINALLY see her go to a good home.

Let’s see what Rover Rescue says about Minnie:

Minnie is a 1yr old Doberman Pinscher/hound mix. She weighs about 50lbs, stands over 5ft on her hind legs, and will probably fill in a bit more. She has an outgoing, sweet personality, but will require patience and your willingness to be a firm, consistent pack leader to keep her in line. Minnie is a true diamond in the rough, who with the right owner, could truly shine.

She does have a high-energy level, so being active is important. She gets along with other dogs although she can be overwhelming to some dogs with her rough play, so a play pal should be at least her size if not bigger. Her initial response to strangers on her territory is a warning bark, but once it’s established that this is a friend, she will calm down and try to become their new best friend.


Minnie needs to be in a home without small children or small animals. She will chase cats and could possibly knock down a child with her enthusiasm. She is smart and tries hard to listen, but seems unable to stop herself from jumping up when she gets around her favorite people. She is the kind of dog that wants to be near you when indoors and will follow you around. Despite this, she does not suffer from separation anxiety when you leave the home without her. She may initially bark when crated, but will quickly calm down.

Minnie is housebroken and crate trained and when she needs to go outside she will go to the door or if you miss that, begins pacing around the house. She is very affectionate so you must be prepared for lots of kisses! I think the best home for Minnie is an active person or family with a fenced yard, no ​young ​children, and who leaves her home alone for no more than 8hrs at a time. The potential adopter should have experience with big dogs or willing to work with a dog trainer who can coach them on the best way to handle her in order to get the best results.


Minnie is spayed, up to date on all vaccinations and microchipped. Her adoption fee is 200.00. If you would like more information on Minnie, please contact Teresa @ 630-815-1440.

If Minnie sounds like she might be the dog of your dreams, please contact the rescue as soon as possible.  Wouldn’t it be great if she could finally experience a family Christmas in a warm home?  We think so.