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Meet Mutka, Perhaps the Most Expressive Dog Ever!

by Fred

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Meet Mutka!  He’s perhaps the world’s most expressive dog.  Due to his extremely photogenic nature, and extremely dramatic face, photos of the adorable dog are taking the internet by storm!  Owner Krista Aalto spent weeks getting these shots.  Check out some of their best work below.


Is your dog a master of expression?  Do you kind of always know what they’re thinking just by looking at them?  Share your dog’s photos and stories in the comments section on Facebook.




2.23.16 - expression1


2.23.16 - expression2


2.23.16 - expression3


2.23.16 - expression4


2.23.16 - expression5


2.23.16 - expression6


2.23.16 - expression7


2.23.16 - expression8


2.23.16 - expression9


2.23.16 - expression10


2.23.16 - expression11


2.23.16 - expression12


2.23.16 - expression13


2.23.16 - expression14


2.23.16 - expression15


2.23.16 - expression16


All photos are the property of Krista Aalto.