Meet Sadie’s Hero

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Sadie & Hero (2)

Dogs alerting to medical conditions is certainly nothing new, but time and time again we are reminded of what amazing companions these animals can be and the breadth of what they are trained to alert on is astounding.  Canines 4 Hope, Medical Alert Assistance Dogs, and Service Dogs for America are just a few of the for profit and not-for-profit organizations that train service, assistance, and alert dogs to a variety of issues.  As with many organizations, they train for non-profits in addition to providing services for private clientele, as well.  From PTSD to epilepsy to diabetes to blindness, the scope of the work these dogs do is nothing short of life-saving.

Sadie & Hero

A recent story about Sadie and her dog, Hero, is a testament to the capacity of these dogs to perform.  While Sadie’s mom has been quick to point out in the video that they are amazed by what happened and this seems to be an extreme example of a dog’s ability to alert at an extended distance. Regardless, this is an amazing tale.

You can follow more stories about Sadie and Hero on their Facebook page.

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All photos of Sadie and Hero’s Facebook page

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