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Mercy the Abused Dog Makes Full Recovery

by Katherine

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This past Sept. 12, 2013,  a 5-foot-10 to 6-foot white male of medium build with brown hair and a tattoo between his shoulder blades, dragged, beat, and chocked an innocent dog outside a Polos apartment complex in Gainesville, Fla. Three children were outside playing and they witnessed the attack, but thanks to them the dog, now named Mercy was saved.

The children witnessed how this man dragged Mercy by her leash, then used the same to chock her, and later pulled off her collar, which had a metal buckle on it, and used it to beat her.

After brutally attacking the pet, the animal abuser fled the scene and left Mercy behind to a slow painful death. Fortunately, Helping Hands Pet Rescue came to Mercy’s aid, and since then, they have nursed the innocent pet back to health.

Mercy before and after. She is not ready for her forever home. Photo Credit:Helping Hands Pet Rescue
Mercy before and after. She is not ready for her forever home. Photo Credit: Helping Hands Pet Rescue


“[Mercy] came to us pretty unresponsive with a head fracture and multiple fractured ribs,” Lindsey Hidenrite, Vice President for Helping Hands Pet Rescue told WCJB-TV.

The innocent pet also suffered from a 3-inch laceration on the back of her head, bruises on her face and stomach, and she had blood in her urine. But thanks to Helping Hands Pet Rescue and the many donations from concern animal lovers, Mercy miraculously recovered.

A reward of $5,000 is being offered to anyone with information on Mercy’s abuser, but until today, police officers do not have a lead on her abuser.

Two months after the incident Mercy is ready to put the past behind and find a forever loving home where she will be appreciated and spoiled.

“We are hoping she can go to a family that understands that she’s going to need some training, a lot of socialization exercise and hopefully other big dogs she can maybe let off some of her energy with,” said foster dad CJ Hall.

“Mercy is completely healed now, but because of her past, she has some things that need to be worked on,” said Hidenrite. “As long as she gets a family that really loves her and is willing to work on those things with her, she’s definitely going to be a great addition to any family.”

If you are interested in adopting Mercy or another Helping Hands Pet Rescue dog contact the rescue center at or on their Facebook page.