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Mexican Dog Adventurous Escaped at Victoria Airport

by Katherine

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A dog from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, roamed free for about 24 hours in Canada’s Victoria Airport, after he escaped his foster mom and volunteers when they were taking him out of his travel crate. This happened on Nov. 9, 2013, but fortunately a team of animal lovers sprung into action to help capture the four-legged immigrant.

After hours of chasing and feeding rotisserie chicken to the dog, the canine was capture and reunited with his rescuers and foster parents.

The 7-month-old dog named Zander is a Mexican native but thanks to the organization MexPup, he along other dogs from the region, Highway and Manson, were rescued from the streets of Puerto Vallarta, neutered, vaccinated, and prepared for a new life in a Canadian forever home.

Zander traveled from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, to Duncan, Canada. Photo Credit: MexPup/Facebook
Zander traveled from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, to Duncan, Canada. Photo Credit: MexPup/Facebook

When Zander fled his rescuers at the airport, many people came together to make sure the canine didn’t wonder into dangerous zones. A vision camera was used throughout the overnight rescue mission to ensure Zander never left the premises.

“He’s a slippery little devil,” Jan Staebell from Mexpup told reporters. “What an adventure it was. People will drop everything to look for a lost dog. It was an incredible experience, though I hope we don’t have to go through it again.”

Three rotisserie chickens were used to lure Zander. Volunteers were armed with pieces of chicken and through out the night they approached the dog, or waited for the hungry and scared pet to approach them.

Almost 24 hours after Zander escaped handlers he was recaptured. The non-profit group FLED (Find Lost & Escaped Dogs) arrived on the scene to assist and the last chicken was placed inside a car. A door was left open for Zander to enter and soon after the pet hopped in the car, the door was closed behind him. Just like that the four-legged Mexican traveler was once again safe in the hands of Mexpup.

Throughout his adventure Zander suffered some minor injuries. He injured his dew claws while running from rescuers and after eating so much chicken it was expected for him to have a tummy ache.

When Zander’s trip to Canada was arranged, he did not have an initial forever home, but since the news of his airport adventure went public, possible adopters have shown interest in offering him a forever home.

If you are interested in adopting Zander or other dogs like him, contact Mexpup at