Mexican Stray Dog Stranded in Metro Lines Gets Rescued

by Katherine

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Talismán with his rescuers. Photo Credit: Excelsior
Talismán with his rescuers. Photo Credit: Excelsior

On April 28, 2014, a black and white, stray dog was running along Mexico City’s Talismán station metro lines and needed to be rescued. A Good Samaritan reported the pet to metro workers and a team was dispatched to save the canine.

The pup could have easily been hit by one of the trains, but thanks to train workers who responded quickly to the emergency call, the dog is alive and well.

The lucky canine has been named Talismán after the train station. He was transferred to a Mundo Paitas, a Mexico City-based animal rescue organization and is receiving medical care.

On the same day of his rescue, the four-legged commuter received a bath and a well deserved meal.

After a medical evaluation that will clear him of any diseases, the former homeless dog will be available for adoption. Let’s hope he finds his forever home soon.

Photo Credit: Excelsior
Photo Credit: Excelsior


To learn more about Talismán’s future, follow Mundo Patitas on Facebook.