Michigan Pushing to Make Leaving Dogs in Hot Cars a Felony

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5.8.16 - Michigan


The state of Michigan is pushing to seek felony charges against anyone caught leaving a pet in a hot car.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a dog, a cat or any other animal; if you leave your pets in your car while it’s hot out, you will be caught and charged.  No excuses.

If the bill passes, then Michigan will join 16 other states where these crimes are all on that higher level.  Usually, if someone is charged with a felony, the consequences are considerably stiffer.  Many people charged with felonies not only get hit with pretty steep fines, but many also carry a minimum of jail time as well.

If an animal dies in a hot car in Michigan, and you are responsible, you could face up to $5,000.  Depending on other circumstances in the situation, you could catch a year behind bars and a $1,000 fine.  Just like many other felonies, the punishment will depend on exactly what happens to the animal while they are in the vehicle and at a judge’s discretion.

Those two sentences are among the highest that could be levied against someone.  Many first time offenders will be hit with either a $350 fine, and/or 30-60 days in jail.  There’s even a “second time offender’s” level, which has up to three months in jail and a $500 fine.

Please remember, even with cracked windows and the vehicle running, there’s no guarantee that your pet will be OK while locked up in there.  If you have to travel with pets, there are responsible ways to do so, which will also help you avoid legal problems that no one really wants to deal with.

7 thoughts on “Michigan Pushing to Make Leaving Dogs in Hot Cars a Felony”

  1. Lets make people responsible for their actions and decisions…leaving an Animal or child in a hot car can kill them…that should be a crime…

  2. I think that this is a wonderful thing, but someone needs to take the time to re-write a bunch of things instead of one at a time. Not only does this need to be a felony, but the punishment needs to fit the crime. They say animal cruelty is a felony, but 2 years in prison actually means NO jail time with a 4,000 fine. This one needs to be 100 years in prison with NO plea bargains, NO getting out early, NO parole……the details mean ALOT!!!! People get all excited to see these kinds of things pass, but when you see what the punishment is, its really still the same old slap on the hands!!!!! Pluss if someone sees a dog in a hot car, they have the right to bust out the window and save the dog. Theres NO time for 911 and going to look for a owner!!!!!! That stupid ass owner never should of went in a store with a dog in the car in the first place. He deserves what he gets with the broken window. Let him explain that to the Insurance Company.

  3. IMHO, any person who is cited/arrested for leaving an animal/child in a vehicle with an outside temperature over 60 degrees should suffer the same exact, with the same situation (slightly opened windows–if that was the case, no water, no air, nothing) for no less than a 24 hour period. No bathroom breaks either.

    I think then they will get the point. I sure I know I would. Just a few minutes can mean life or death for your animal/child. I had incident last year. Two old people had left both back windows 1/2 open in their car. The dog looked horrid. I waited about 5 minutes after parking my car for them to arrive. I was just about ready (had my phone out) to call police and report them. They walked up and I said that they should not have left their dog in the car he didn’t look good. It was 80 degrees plus that day and there was absolutely no shade in the parking lot. They got pissy and said well, they had only been a few minutes in the store. I don’t think they timed themselves well. It takes that long to get their butts into the store, then at least 10 minutes or more to get what they were getting, and then 5-10 minutes to get out of said store. That few minutes almost cost them their pet! Idiots. I decided then and there I would carry notices about temperature in/out of vehicle and put copy on people’s cars when I saw an animal in a car in the summer (or whenever the temp is over 60 degrees). People just don’t get it. Experience is a wonderful teacher. Maybe a judge would actually see fit to make the peoples actually suffer the same thing!!!

    Judges????????? Anyone willing to actually step up?!


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